Thank You, Thank You. Keep doing what you do!

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I wanted to thank you again for helping me with my pain issues. I just turned 35 last week and let me tell you the last 6-8 months I’ve been feeling like I was 80. I originally came to you because of severe chest pains which my Family Doctor could not diagnose. After 2 Stress tests, 1 nuclear stress test and 2 blood tests I decided that enough was enough and I made the appointment.

After listening to what you had to say and seeing my own x-rays confirmed what I already knew, I needed help. I’m proud to say that I’m in the 3rd week of treatment with you and my severe chest pain is pretty much gone. My head doesn’t feel like a ton of bricks and my shoulders and back are not as tight. My biggest concern was my chest pain and thank God I don’t have to worry about that anymore. It’s nice to know that even in today’s society of “There’s a pill for that” people who actually care about your Health & Wellness are still around, so Thank You! Thank You, Thank You. Keep doing what you do!

Massimo Scaccia