Chiropractic Helps Those with Scoliosis

By November 6, 2014No Comments

Scoliosis is an abnormal curvature of the spine. Typically the abnormal curve affects teenage girls, and can be mild curve to a severe, life compromising curve. The good news, Chiropractic can help.

A recent study showed that adults who suffer from scoliosis can still benefit from Chiropractic care long after being adjusted.

28 patients, with a Cobb angle (severe scoliosis) of 44° ± 6° began Chiropractic care. After 6 months of Chiropractic care, improvements were seen in a reduction of the Cobb angle, pain scores, spirometry, and disability rating. Then 2 years after Chiropractic care, the reduction of scoliosis was still seen on x-rays.

Even 2 years after Chiropractic care, those in the study continued to report an improvement in reduction of pain, and activities of daily living.

Full Study