Helped with back and foot problems

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Complaint: Back pain and foot problems

Chiropractic Result: Enhanced mobility, energy levels and overall effectiveness.

I started seeing Dr. Listro in May 2012 and in only a few weeks I have seen dramatic changes. I have felt improvements in all aspects of my life, from the board room to the golf course.

Dr. Listro shares his broad technical knowledge in a collaborative and personable way. For example, beginning with a discussion about my lifestyle and exercise habits, Dr. Listro takes the time to explain different aspects of human physiology in ways that I can understand. As a result, I am always clear about the reason for a procedure, which may explain in part why they are so successful.

Dr. Listro’s commitment to his patients is exemplary and the clinic atmosphere is both professional and friendly. I highly recommend that you consider a move today to Listro Chiropractic Clinic and benefit from Dr. Listro’s enlightenedand holistic approach to chiropractic medicine.

Evan T.