Impressed by Dr. Listro’s passion for helping others and positive attitude

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Complaint: Neck and back pain

Chiropractic Result: Minimal to no pain, increased energy

It was in January 2008 and I had massive neck and back pain. The pain was from a combination of whiplash and a grueling career as a Nationally Competitive Strongman. The pain wasn’t new; in fact I had been living with it for years. It was always stabbing, throbbing and radiating. Something had to give.

My life changed when I chose not to accept the pain anymore. The action I took was to go see Dr Listro, Chiropractor. At my first appointment I was immediately impressed by Dr. Listro’s passion for helping others and positive attitude.  It was only after a few weeks that I began to notice that I felt more energy through the day and had significantly less pain.

Now two years later I’m very pleased to report that my pain is minimal and manageable. And I know, with his continued help it will continue to get better.

Dr. Listro is a master at what he does, with 30 years under his belt and the experience of helping thousands of people. For me and to those I refer, he has gone the extra mile, and exceeded my expectations.

Thank you to Dr Listro and the staff of the Listro Chiropractic and Massage Clinic for changing my life.


Poul Nielsen