Dr. Listro is the real deal!

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I’m Jay Kirkwood, client of Dr. Listro and I’m a believer in his work.

Before I met Dr. Listro, my body was in pain for nearly a year or so. My job does not make my pain any easier. I’m a truck driver/mover/salvage by trade.

I was told by my doctor and painful testing that I had mild case of carpal tunnel syndrome. There is constant shooting/tingling/numbing pains in my arms. The issue was so bad that it will wake me up in the middle of the night. It was always the worst overnight and I had to wear arm bracers to keep it away and to get some pitiful amount of sleep. I was getting short-tempered and quick to anger and it was really out of character for me.

There was rough three weeks of my life in July 2016 when I was about to request for leave of absence from work to recover. I came across Dr. Listro Facebook ads. I realized that no one has took an X-ray of my back. I decided with nothing to lose and getting over my wary of chiropractic, I went and met up with Dr. Listro. I was able to get x-ray and first treatment on the same day. It turns out that I have three pinched nerves how can I be walking with three pinched nerves, I’ll never know.

I still can not believe what happened next, as soon I left the office after getting some treatment. My pain factor in my arms went down at least 80 percent and I had my best sleep ever in over a year. The first two weeks of treatment was a bit painful and and dis-comfortable especially with stretching routine provided by Dr. Listro. Everyday for that two weeks the pain factors and whichever may caused me dis-comfortable was dropping all the time.

I am happy to report that I am about to enter third round of treatment with Dr. Listro. I have no experience of pains in my arms since then and I have been sleeping without arm bracers. My pain percentage is less than 10 percent. My mood and outlook is much better, I’m walking better, walking taller, and surprising breathing better. My girlfriend can voucher that my snoring has reduced drastically.

Even if I was able to met myself before July 2016 and tell him how much better I am doing, I would never believed myself. It was mind blogging experience and still is. My family doctor is really thrilled with the process.

Dr. Listro is the real deal.