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Don’t Stop Now – You Have To Recover Completely !

Pain is the last symptom to appear, and unfortunately the first to leave. The ligaments and muscles that support your spine take longer to heal than is indicated by how you feel. Your body continues to heal these soft tissues long after your symptoms are gone. Continuing with chiropractic care even after the pain is gone, will result in a complete recovery.  If you do not continue, you may suffer a relapse and be in more trouble than before.

Do You Want To Suffer A Relapse?

Pain and symptoms are a warning.  They signal that something bigger is wrong.  The bigger, underlying problem is usually a spinal or soft tissue problem that has occurred as a result of improper spinal function. Without continued chiropractic care, muscles and connective tissue will continue with unhealthy patterns and will eventually result in  a relapse.  Rehabilitative care continues to retrain and strengthen your spine to help avoid a relapse.

Besides keeping you performing at your best, continuing your care can save money.  Just as regular maintenance for your car can prevent expensive repair work, regular chiropractic check-ups help avoid the expense of having to correct preventable problems.

Avoid Problems

Long periods of sitting, standing, financial worries, toxic environments, and many everyday activities can stress you and your spine. The slightest trauma can cause interference to your nerve system and compromise optimum health. Maintenance care can help keep you healthy and avoid those small problems from becoming big (expensive) ones.

Enjoy True Health

If you wish to enjoy life to the fullest you need to take care of yourself.  A proper diet, exercise and regular chiropractic adjustments are your best means of ensuring a healthy life.  Your doctor will recommend a schedule of preventive care visits based on his or her clinical experience. Most patients who enjoy a chiropractic lifestyle report they have more energy and feel better.


Ask us about the additional benefits of chiropractic.
Learning how to become and stay healthy needs to be a priority
if you want to have a healthy and long life.
Take care of your body – you only get one !