Listro-13-webWith over 20 years of experience as a chiropractor, Dr. Listro has gained a community of loyal customers. Read below for a few of their testimonials.

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Here is a small sample of what our patients say about us:

I look forward to Dr. Listro’s kind-hearted personality and friendly, welcoming team

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Complaint: Neck Pain, Shoulder and Arm Pain, Numbness in Fingertips, Difficulty Sleeping

Chiropractic Result: Limited Neck Pain, No Numbness, Improved Sleep

“I had severe pain on my right side from my neck, down my arm and to my fingertips, with no previous injuries that may have caused it. I wasn’t able to sleep due to the pain, and if so I’d be woken up shortly after with numbness in my hand and fingers that occasionally turned blue.

Having tried many traditional temporary reliefs with no long-lasting aid, I was referred to Dr. Listro by his eldest son. Within the first few adjustments I’ve been able to have a full night’s rest, the pain in my neck and arm has decreased significantly and all numbness is next to none!

I look forward to Dr. Listro’s kind-hearted personality and friendly, welcoming team every treatment I receive! And not to mention the feeling of becoming 100% in no time!

I couldn’t thank you enough Dr. Listro!”

–Jamie F.

I no longer wake up in pain. I sleep better…

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Complaint: Headaches, Stomach Aches, Discomfort During Physical Activity

Chiropractic Result: Long-Term Pain Improvement, Better Sleep, Increased Energy Leading to Weight Loss

“When I first started coming to see Dr. Listro several years ago as a teenager I would wake up every morning in pain. My head ached and I felt sick to my stomach. This was normal every day life for me.

My first impression after initially receiving Chiropractic care was that these adjustments were great – at least – for temporary pain relief. I would walk out the door after receiving an Adjustment and would feel better for a while, but the really amazing part was how much I improved over time! This is a gradual process and like most things that happen slowly you don’t really notice it until you look back and are amazed at the difference, and boy what a difference!!

I no longer wake up in pain. I sleep better, I have lost weight and I can go to the gym and work out without discomfort. I can honestly say that coming to see Dr. Listro for Chiropractic Care was one of the best decisions I could ever have made.

Thank You Dr. Paul! ”

– -Adam Van Sant

My digestion has improved which has also given me a feeling of “lightness”.

By Testimonials

Complaint: Migraines, Low energy

Chiropractic Result: No migraines, increased range of motion, improved digestion, youthful feeling

Dear Dr. Paul,

I just wanted to thank you for appearing at the Total Health Show last year.

I had been looking for relief from feeling sluggish and having migraines every month.

Since then I have been coming to you for almost a full year. In that time I must tell you that I have felt much improvement not only with feeling sluggish but my range of motion has dramatically improved as well – I can turn my head now without pain which I think exacerbated my migraines.

I have to add that as an added benefit, I have noticed that my digestion has improved which has also given me a feeling of “lightness”.

More importantly, Paul, your encouragement and promotion of healthy living is what has changed me. I eat better, feel better and am taking care of myself better!

Merci infiniment!

R. L.