Listro-13-webWith over 20 years of experience as a chiropractor, Dr. Listro has gained a community of loyal customers. Read below for a few of their testimonials.

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Here is a small sample of what our patients say about us:

Impressed by Dr. Listro’s passion for helping others and positive attitude

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Complaint: Neck and back pain

Chiropractic Result: Minimal to no pain, increased energy

It was in January 2008 and I had massive neck and back pain. The pain was from a combination of whiplash and a grueling career as a Nationally Competitive Strongman. The pain wasn’t new; in fact I had been living with it for years. It was always stabbing, throbbing and radiating. Something had to give.

My life changed when I chose not to accept the pain anymore. The action I took was to go see Dr Listro, Chiropractor. At my first appointment I was immediately impressed by Dr. Listro’s passion for helping others and positive attitude.  It was only after a few weeks that I began to notice that I felt more energy through the day and had significantly less pain.

Now two years later I’m very pleased to report that my pain is minimal and manageable. And I know, with his continued help it will continue to get better.

Dr. Listro is a master at what he does, with 30 years under his belt and the experience of helping thousands of people. For me and to those I refer, he has gone the extra mile, and exceeded my expectations.

Thank you to Dr Listro and the staff of the Listro Chiropractic and Massage Clinic for changing my life.


Poul Nielsen

Helped with back and foot problems

By Testimonials

Complaint: Back pain and foot problems

Chiropractic Result: Enhanced mobility, energy levels and overall effectiveness.

I started seeing Dr. Listro in May 2012 and in only a few weeks I have seen dramatic changes. I have felt improvements in all aspects of my life, from the board room to the golf course.

Dr. Listro shares his broad technical knowledge in a collaborative and personable way. For example, beginning with a discussion about my lifestyle and exercise habits, Dr. Listro takes the time to explain different aspects of human physiology in ways that I can understand. As a result, I am always clear about the reason for a procedure, which may explain in part why they are so successful.

Dr. Listro’s commitment to his patients is exemplary and the clinic atmosphere is both professional and friendly. I highly recommend that you consider a move today to Listro Chiropractic Clinic and benefit from Dr. Listro’s enlightenedand holistic approach to chiropractic medicine.

Evan T.