Chiropractic Services

Our custom-tailored chiropractic services include gentle manual adjustments, restorative care, as well as pain relief, nutritional and exercise plans. Students and kids’ rates and packages also available. For seniors, we also offer discounted rates, exams and packages.

Your custom treatment plan includes a comparative exam which measures results and a comparative report where your chiropractor provides his doctor’s notes and recommendation

In addition to adjustments and chiropractic services, we also help treat the following:

  • Sports Injuries – Whether for the casual sports enthusiast, amateur or professional athletes, we offer laser acupuncture and exercise recommendations to help you get back to your optimal best. Come in and ask us about sports orthotics and how we can customize a personal treatment and training plan just for you
  • Repetitive Strain – Repetitive strain is increasingly more frequent among patients of all ages. Common causes include by improper sitting, sitting in the same position for a long period of time, reading , watching TV or doing tasks for extended periods of time, or sleeping in an inadequate bed or in uncomfortable positions.

To help, we offer exercises and tips you can use at work and at home, laser acupuncture, targeted treatment plans to promote healing, computer ergonomic assessments, and vitamin recommendations.

Massage Therapy & Workshops

Our massage therapists are graduates of the leading massage therapy school in North America – Sutherland Chan – and can provide you with the following massagetherapy services

  • deep tissue therapy
  • pre-natal massage
  • injury specific, sports injury massage
  • swedish massage
  • relaxation and stress management

We also encourage you to ask us about the workshops we offer. We specialize in corporate workshops, and have worked with small businesses as well as national corporations on workshops on Ergonomics, Weight Reduction, Nutrition and Sit to be Fit. Our School Workshops focus on Sit to Be Fit, Nutrition, Backpack Safety, Focus for Studying, and help set the right foundation for children and teenagers. Find out more here or call us today to create a custom workshop for you!

Technological support:

We use the latest technology to support all our services, and ensure the highest quality evaluations and resulting analysis. This technology includes:

  • NASA Technology – Insight Subluxation Scan
  • Laser: Infrared/Helium Neon
  • Thumper – Anti-Stress Massager
  • Activator and Drop table – Gentle Chiropractic Instrumentation
  • Footmaxx Biomechanical Gait Scan Analyzer

Products Offered

In addition to adjustments, chiropractic services and massagetherapy, Listroy Chiropractic & Wellness Centre is delighted to offer you a variety of products. Our best-sellers are listed below. Don’t forget that these may be covered by your insurance provider. We are happy to guide you through our various products and services, so please call with any questions.

  • Footmax Orthotics – Abnormal foot function can lead to ankle, leg, knee, hip and even lower back problems. Using the revolutionary Footmax technology, we conduct a gait scan analysis, and provide an evaluation which includes recommendations that are custom made for the patient’s foot. Footmax Orthotics fit into most footwear, and is guaranteed to treat and prevent foot problems.
  • Adeeva – The Adeeva All Natural Supplements (link to Adeeva website)  are high quality natural health products and formulations directed towards promoting overall health, slowing the biological processes of aging, combating degenerative diseases and providing adjunctive nutritional support in the case of specific health conditions. Dr. Listro can advise you on which products are best to use to maximize your results.
  • Traumeel Traumeel® is a natural homeopathic medication for the temporary relief of muscular pain, joint pain, sports injuries and bruising. The natural ingredients in Traumeel® assist the body in improving the mobility and flexibility of joints and muscles. Further, this alternative to conventional painkillers are safe for the whole family.
  • Cervical Pillows – Cervical pillows are ergonomically designed to support your neck in a proper position while you sleep, cradling your head, neck, and shoulders. Providing you with a  better night’s sleep, the cervical pillow helsp with neck pains, and promotes corrections by helping.