Dr. Paul Listro, D.C. – Doctor of Chiropractic

Dr. Paul Listro, D.C.

Dr. Listro has been the face and the voice of Chiropractic in the Yonge & Eglinton area since 1979! He graduated from Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in Toronto, Ontario. Ever since, families, athletes, seniors and children have come to rely on his trusted advice and gentle, thorough approach. He brings the most current levels of understanding of Chiropractic to the Yonge & Eglinton practice. Listro Chiropractic is widely known for its cutting edge methods and successful results.

Dr. Listro’s drugless, natural approach to spinal care and overall wellness goes hand in hand with an outstanding level of professional care. His practice reflects his passion for working with stress related disorders including sports injuries, family wellness and computer related strains.

Leading by example, he and his family actively follow a Chiropractic lifestyle by blending fitness and nutritional awareness while sharing this knowledge with his community, practice members and office team.  Dr. Listro and his wife are the proud parents of three extraordinary sons.

His oldest son, Joseph, decided to follow in Dr. Paul’s footsteps, by becoming a Chiropractor and graduating exactly 35 years after his father.

Dr. Joe Listro, D.C. – Doctor of Chiropractic

Dr. Joe Listro grew up in midtown Toronto, where he developed a passion for hockey, rugby, baseball and basketball. His family has strong chiropractic roots, as his father Dr. Paul Listro (also the clinic director of Listro Chiropractic Clinic) and uncle are both Chiropractors. From a young age his father, Dr. Paul taught Dr. Joe the values of chiropractic and helped to instil the passion that would one day lead him to pursue a career of his own.

Dr. Joe Listro

Dr. Joe graduated from the Human Kinetics honors program at the University of Guelph in 2010. He later continued his education at the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College here in Toronto where he earned a Doctor of Chiropractic degree in 2014. Upon graduation he went on to train under the world renowned, Dr. John Minardi, learning the Thompson Chiropractic Technique.

Over the past two and half years Dr. Joe has worked in one of the largest chiropractic practices in southern Ontario under the guidance and mentorship of Dr. Ryan French. It was an incredible learning experience where he was able to refine his clinical knowledge and confidence treating patients. Dr. Joe is excited to bring all that knowledge into Listro Chiropractic to provide the best care possible.

Working as a chiropractor, at times, Dr. Joe is left in awe. To observe, firsthand, how chiropractic can change people’s lives is extremely powerful. He is eager to begin working at Listro Chiropractic Clinic, so he can help people with what’s physically holding them back as well as determining how the ailment is stopping them from living a vibrant and abundant life. Through a combination of various chiropractic techniques, exercises and nutritional advice, Dr. Joe aims to do just that by helping the people of Toronto reach their optimal health potential.

As for his personal life, he continues to play hockey and baseball whenever he gets the chance. Additionally, he has a strong passion for music and has been teaching himself piano for the past nine years. He is also an avid traveler and foodie/cook. If you have a favourite musician, restaurant, recipe or place to visit, let him know as he is always open to discovering new things!

Dr. Joe is incredibly grateful for the opportunity to help the people of Toronto. He is looking forward to meeting and working with anyone who may need his help!

Dr. Paul Listro – Community and Family

Dr. Paul Listro has been involved in numerous community services over the years coaching children’s sports teams and for the past 5 years he and his family have been advocates and musical performers for a non-profit children’s charity known as “The Big Little Caravan of Joy” whose mission is to empower the lives of orphaned and vulnerable children in Africa by using the performing arts and creative play for health, development and joy.

Recently Dr Paul and his family was featured in the Neighbours of Leaside & Bennington Heights, The Listro Family: A Story of Backs, Business, and Beats. You can read the article here.

Dr. Joe Listro now practices here at Listro Chiropractic and Massage. Looking for the best DJ out there – click here to book Sean Listro Entertainment.